Past bad experiences with another transportation company could have discouraged me from shipping out-of-state forever. That would mean that potential new puppy owners would have no other choice but to drive up to the “thumb” of Michigan to take home a “Pine Valley Puppy”. But, because I have a lot of connections in the kennel business, a good friend of mine introduced me to Mary Ann, the owner of Buckeye Dog Hauling. She runs a top notch operation and is USDA licensed. Also, the dogs in transport are insured, not just the vehicle they are in. She runs several vans and an air-conditioned dog transport trailer, when required. Since she is also a breeder and kennel owner, she knows how to care for dogs during transport. Be aware that some kennels use livestock hauling companies to transport your new puppy! We will NEVER do that here at Pine Valley Gundogs!

Mary Ann’s shipping rates are very reasonable, which is an obvious benefit to the buyer (The buyer is required to pay shipping costs.) and to myself, because out-of -state shipping is now safe and affordable to potential new Pine Valley dog owners. She will ship young GSP and Beagle pups for $275 for the first puppy and $50 each additional pup. Adult Beagles are $275 for the first one, $125 for the second and $100 for each additional dog. Adult GSPs, being larger dogs, $325 for the first one, $175 for the second and $100 for each additional dog, shipped within her travel range. Another bonus for the potential buyer is that Pine Valley Gundogs can offer price discounts for multiple dogs shipped to the same location. This arrangement allows the buyer to split shipping costs and also share price discounts, with friends and family members.

Mary Ann can be contacted through this link to her website; Buckeye Dog Hauling or directly to her  dog hauling page. She can also be emailed at BUCKEYEDOGHAUL@AOL.COM or she can be reached at 740-236-0578. You can see her coverage area by viewing her travel range.

Be assured that Mary Ann, as well as myself, will make certain that your new puppy will arrive to your home safe, healthy and happy!