Tri-Tronics is now offering the 10% Discount to everyone. The prices on their website now reflect the price change. I am sorry, but I can no longer save you 10% off the already discounted prices. You can still order any Tri-Tronics through me, if you so choose, and I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the use of Tri-Tronics training collars.

Iíve been raising Beagles and German Shorthairs for nearly three decades. I've trained many without the aid of a training collar because, back then, they were expensive and affordable only to the wealthiest of dog trainers. When training collars became available to the hunting public at reasonable prices, I researched many brands and tried several until a friend of mine introduced me to Tri-Tronics. Let me tell you that Tri-Tronics is the top of the line, when it comes to training collars. They offer many models to choose from, depending on you and your dogs needs and the intensity of your training routine. As an example: Bear and coon hounds need a transmitter that will reach the dogs when they are working deep in a cedar swamp, whereas a close working English Setter may only need a short range transmitter, which is less costly. Tri-Tronics offers both, and everything in between!

Because I own and operate a licensed kennel and I am also a freelance outdoor writer, very involved with hunting dogs and hunting, I was asked to become a Tri-Tronics Influentials Club dealer. How this program works is very simple. You go to the Tri-Tronics website,, find the products you want, then contact me to order them. Free shipping is available on orders over $400. Orders will be shipped directly to you from the warehouse. I can offer you the same 10% discount that is available on their website.

Any questions regarding Tri-Tronics products, their staff is very knowledgeable and can be contacted through their website. Or if you like, you can contact me and if I canít answer your question Iím sure one of my contacts at Tri-Tronics headquarters will be able to assist us.

HOME OFFICE - 989-843-6648

CELL - 989-553-3969