AKC CAR Microchip System


American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery


AKC CAR was founded in 1995 to help reunite lost pets with their owners. With this goal in mind, AKC CAR provides 24-hour recovery services for pets that are identified with a microchip, tattoo, or AKC CAR collar tag. AKC CAR, located in Raleigh, NC, is an affiliate of the American Kennel Club and is the nation's largest non-profit recovery service provider.

Pine Valley Gundogs offers the AKC CAR microchip system to our customers because we know the pain a family endures when a family pet and/or hunting partner is lost. Without a permanent form of identification there is no quick way of re-uniting a lost pet with its family. When a lost pet is brought to a shelter, the animal is scanned for a microchip and if one is detected the owner is easily contacted through the information in the data base.

We have researched the many microchip companies available and have found that AKC CAR is the most pet and owner friendly system on the market. They are also a non-profit organization whose main goal is re-uniting lost pets with their families.

 Please note that your dog does not have to be an AKC registered dog, or even a purebred for that matter, to enroll in this program! He (or she) just needs to have a family that cares about getting their family pet back when it's lost or stolen!

Here at Pine Valley Gundogs, we now offer pre-regisistered microchipping through AKC CAR at the affordable cost of $30. The price includes; microchip, insertion, and lifetime AKC CAR enrollment with pet collar tag.

Or, if you prefer, we still offer microchipping that doesn't include registration for the low price of $20. The price includes the microchip and implant fee. This offer does not include registration! See below for registration details.

AKC CAR has a lifetime registration fee, not an annual fee like some microchip companies require! Registration fee ranges from $15 to $19.95, depending on which registration method you choose. For as little as $15 dollars, you can include your microchip number when you register your new puppy with the American Kennel Club. You can also choose to register your dog online for a $17.50 registration fee. Finally, if you want to mail the enrollment form, the onetime cost is $19.95.

We want to make sure that the AKC CAR microchip system is affordable to all pet owners. For more information contact us or visit the AKC CAR website at www.akccar.org.

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AKC CAR Microchipping